Here are the first 3 photos showing my painting progress.

VALOUR – the story of a painting.

This is the first of 3 photos I’ve uploaded to the WATERCOLOURS section where I’m logging the progress of this work.


2 responses to “Here are the first 3 photos showing my painting progress.

  1. This is quite a project. How many hours do you think it took you to paint it? I’m not including the years of painting before this one.

    • Hi Carla, Short answer – 100 hours of actual drawing and painting.
      Long answer – We visited Rorke’s Drift in February 2011, spending the day on the site and joining Rob Caskie’s renowned tour in the late afternoon. Rorke’s Drift is one of those places with incredible energy and as I sketched the buildings I knew that I was going to paint … something! Over the next few months I thought about the painting I wanted to do, researched on the Internet and read books from the library. I developed the composition via a series of drawings so that when I began the painting in September it was more of a technical progression. I worked off and on over 3 months and completed the piece just before Christmas. NAKED VALOUR is in the online gallery, a large file that shows all the detail.
      Thanks for your interest.

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