Monthly Archives: November 2011

New watercolours on WATERCOLOURS page


A pair of watercolours inspired by wasteland. This can never be captured with a camera – the rotting mattresses, broken furniture, car tyres and building rubble get in the way!


EXERCISES added as new page

To stimulate creativity and fire imagination I have some favourite exercises that I’m sharing on this new page. I call these CREATIVE BLOBS … that’s what they are – blobs of watercolour or ink randomly brushed or splattered. I spend time looking until inspiration has me grabbing a pen to make them into something. Not as easy as it sounds. Go ahead and try – I’ve put some blobs up on the EXERCISES page. Here’s an example of a CREATIVE BLOB:

Go here to see what I made of it.

Three Coptic-bound books

These small books have black paper pages for all of us who love to write/draw/doodle with coloured pencils, gold or silver pens, sparkly gel pens, glittery glue or any of the other amazing creative media available in the 99c store. They are bound in Coptic stitch and have marbled covers, end papers and fly leaves.


We’re truly fortunate to have visited some great places. Our sketchbooks are a record of our travels. I’ve uploaded some images to the new page and will add more when I can.

This is a colour sketch of Mount Pelée as seen from our boat at anchor off St Pierre; one of our favourite places. St Pierre is a town on the northern end of Martinique in the French West Indies.

New photos of Rorke’s Drift painting

This watercolour is coming on well – if you follow the link to the page you’ll see the progression and a little info on the techniques I am using.