We always start our drawing groups with 15 minutes of speed drawing where we have 30 seconds to draw the model in each of a series of poses. This exercise serves to warm us up and also to kick in the right side of the brain … the creative and visual side.

Speed drawing is a valuable exercise as it teaches us to judge proportion accurately and to instantly pick out leading lines and the important elements of a subject. Commuting on public transport is a perfect opportunity to brush up on our skills. Go to the EXERCISES page for more commuters.

6 responses to “SPEED DRAWING

  1. I know these exercises only too well! After so many years, I see now why my teachers instructed me to do mainly 1-5 min drawings [when everyone else was doing 10-15-30mims!].

  2. Victoria Goodman

    amazing blog/website!
    love from us

  3. 30 seconds? Wow, that’s quite a challenge for a ‘fussy’ person like me. Maybe it would help me to loosen up a wee bitty.

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