San Ginés de la Jara


San Ginés de la Jara is a patron saint of our local area and, as he is also a protector of sailors, we went to visit the monastery that bears his name and to pay our respects to this legendary figure. Of course, the crumbling ruins provide a wealth of sketching opportunities too. The site has a long and fascinating history and the remaining buildings are a cultural and historical monument in total decline, with Spain unable to spend the vast amount needed for restoration. The region of Murcia has a web page showing some photos of the monastery in pre-graffiti days.

6 responses to “San Ginés de la Jara

  1. Miles you make it look a whole world better than it is
    We are having a great time, but are so busy
    Mick & Maggie

  2. Looking forward to going to the monastery to have a ‘bash’ at sketching this important piece of local history. Thank you both for all your patience and help. Noll

  3. Welcome back! Lovely to see your beautiful boat back where she belongs – hope to see you on Wednesday morning xx

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