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This figure study was made for a large watercolour commission of rowers in early morning light and I used it for checking tonal values and colour harmonies. Small studies like these can help a complex painting to progress smoothly and they often have a spontaneity and lightness all their own.

Copyrighted image. Please request permission to use.


Copyrighted image. Please request permission to use.


Graphite  45 x 60cm


portrait 90 Miles and Pippa on the high seas.

This link will take you to Artboy68′s Blog where you’ll find the portrait that Scott has done of us. Scott’s project, ‘100 Portraits in 20 Weeks’ has been running for some time now … we’re number 90 of the 100 so this must be the start of week 19! We’ve been following his progress with great interest, enjoying his style and rendition of so many different people. We feel privileged to be part of his project and to be captured by a true master. Thank you, Scott.


The area around a subject is called negative space. It is not simply the absence of something … it plays an important role by defining and giving balance to the subject. Negative space has its own mass and substance and in both these sketches it is the use of these qualities that define the subjects rather than any real detail.