Action drawing strengthens visual perception and helps one develop vitality and energy in one’s subjects. The most challenging action drawing I’ve come across was at Circus Space in London where I went to draw the performers practicing their routines. It was hard to focus on my sketching as the performers were quite mesmerising.

The acrobat was aloft using a series of ropes in aerial gymnastics that would be the envy of any monkey.

The hoola hoop juggler  was a little easier to sketch as she stood balanced on one leg while speeding up and slowing down the multiple hoops twirling around her body and limbs.

If you’re in London visit Circus Space; it’s an amazing experience.

4 responses to “ACTION DRAWING

  1. quirkyartist

    These are wonderful. I would be very happy if I could do that.

  2. Well drafted! And these were done from life? Bravo!

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