SEASCAPE - watercolour - 9 x 12.5cm

We started this blog for a very specific reason that we now don’t remember! Studio Blue Sea  has wandered off in its own direction and, like life, just unfolds. Writing and recording is fun but the best part of this virtual experience is fellow bloggers who’ve been so kind with likes, comments and emails.  We’re amazed by the number of people who’ve chosen to follow us and can’t believe we’re approaching the 100 mark. As a token of appreciation we’ve decided to send our 100th follower a small watercolour – the little painting of a seascape shown here.  When you join, number 100, we’ll get in contact with you directly.

In the meantime, a very big thank you to our readers and our followers and everyone who likes and comments on Studio Blue Sea.

4 responses to “100 FOLLOWERS

  1. It’s a pleasure getting washed up on your beach!! : )

  2. Good luck getting to 100 followers and thanks for regularly stopping by my place 😉

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