The gulls are nesting. Their beautiful greenish-coloured eggs are speckled with brownish and purplish blotches and lie in well-designed and executed ground-built nests. They don’t bother to hide their eggs but they guard them fiercely, the female warming and hatching, the male standing by ready to repel invaders. If we venture too close they both rise up and circle overhead berating us harshly.

Seagulls are scavengers and of great value in helping to control pollution of the water and the countryside. Some species feed on insects and if you’ve been to Salt Lake City you’ll see a monument to sea gulls that commemorates the saving from starvation of the early Mormon settlement when flocks of gulls devoured the black crickets that were destroying the crops.

We love this raucous, sociable, coastal species of bird that is often overlooked or dismissed.

6 responses to “HAPPY EASTER

  1. About time seagulls got a little credit! That Hitchcock movie created a lotta bad press for them… : )

    Lovely painting, and I really enjoyed the story about the Gulls defeating the Crickets– a belated Happy Easter to you both!

  2. Beautiful eggs! But why is there always an angry gull in each group?

  3. It’s nice to hear a pro-gull story for a change!

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