ZEBRA Ink and dry brush 22 x 30 cm

Art rental galleries supply original art to high-end hotels, restaurants and private homes. They often work with interior designers and consultants and our own experience of making work available to the art rental market has been a positive one.

This zebra drawing has been an art rental for 10 years and has made its money back many times over. What’s interesting about this piece is how badly the paper has faded … not at all noticeable to the clients who’ve had it gracing their walls but immediately obvious to us on its return. We took off the frame and mount and you can see that the original blue ground which gave a summer feel to the scene is now a rather nice buff colour and it changes the atmosphere to Africa in the dry winter months: those zebra should not be carrying that sort of condition at this time of year!

2 responses to “ART RENTAL

  1. I’d say that’s positive proof that really good art can withstand the ravages of time!! : )

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