Stone Steps to the Beach, Spain

In our experience it’s quite true that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. As we’re nowhere near any plains we haven’t had that much of the wet stuff since we started cruising here. We rely on rain collection for many of our needs so the precipitation forecast is part of our evening weather download and last evening we were warned to expect an early morning deluge. They were far too optimistic but we did catch about 3 litres off the bimini and the deck had a light rinse-off.

Well now, to get to the point, our delight in a bit of rain is nothing to the smile that the land was wearing this morning. It sparkled and glowed in the sunlight; the trees carried their foliage like ladies at Ascot; the limestone cliffs showed off their bands of age in shades of white unexplored by paint marketers and the pebbly beach dazzled as though scattered with diamonds.

We sat on deck in the sun, cracking street-market walnuts for carrot cake, watching boundless tropical fish darting after walnut crumbs

Stone Steps to the Beach

and soaking up the peace and radiance.

Here’s a sketch of the lovely bay that has been our vista all this week. We think we’ll stay another week: nature is in her spring finery and we’re here to enjoy it.

8 responses to “Stone Steps to the Beach, Spain

  1. Just read your blog, Feel we were there with you. I always said you used poetic licence as well as artistic! Life without poetry is eating an egg without salt ! I continue (now on my own) to do my art class on a Wednesday ,30 second warm up, then an attempt at something more intricate,,but I miss my teacher and model..hope you are both well and happy..please come back to La Manga in October. love to you both..Judy & Keith

  2. This wonderful post simply radiates lyricism… cracking walnuts, darting tropical fish, trees sporting foliage like ladies at Ascot, pebbly beach sparkling like diamonds… man! I wish I was right there with you– and for a moment, I felt I was!!

    Loved the sketch, loved hearing how you monitor the weather so you can catch your water. Great post, thanks for sharing! : )

  3. Excellent insight into the importance in your circumstances – in England it has been raining heavily for weeks. It’s easy to forget what a precious commodity it is, when it’s not ‘on tap’ – we experienced that, when living in a ruined longere in Brittany. I love your description of the landscape after the rain, how everything is clean and sparkling!

    • You remind us of why we find it so easy to keep leaving England – an excess of rain : ) Your Brittany posts are evocative of our own past days – great reading, thanks.

      • Thank you, too! As well as the place in Brittany, Martin has lived in Spain but we love this island so much that we are willing to it up with the dodgy climate! Looking. forward to following your travels, though – globe trotting by proxy, LOL! 🙂

  4. That should read ‘the importance of ‘water’….. 🙂

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