‘SALINAS’ 1912

The traditional Mediterranean fishing boat with her lateen rig and sweet lines  is a delight to come across along the coast. The working fishing boat of choice nowadays is a smelly-pot; the old-fashioned sailing fisher is confined to her berth except for festivals or a holiday day-sail. We found a flotilla of these beautiful craft in Xabia and were told that the Associació de Barques Tradicionals is active in the area so that explained the well-preserved and cared-for boats.


  1. It looks like a rain has just past, with the clouds in the distance. The wavy lines in the reflections give a really good sense of water. 🙂

  2. I think going with the traditional craft instead of the smelly-pot was absolutely the right decision, I support it wholeheartedly… : )

    I also congratulate you on a beautiful job. Just looking at it, I swear I could feel my chair bobbing gently… : )

    • Your support appreciated wholeheartedly and many thanks for your splendid compliment. The bobbing you may be experiencing is a little worrying … anything to do with that rubber ring you sit on? 🙂

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