Drawing Group Work

We’ve spent our second winter in Spain with the drawing groups and it’s thrilling to see their skills sharpen each week … and to increase our own skills as clothed model and drawing guide! Over the years we’ve developed a pattern in our 2 hour classes that we’ve found brings on the quickest results –

15 minutes speed drawing of 30-second poses

a 30 – 45 minute long pose (or 2 shorter 20 minute poses)

an interesting still life that sometimes generates groans at the challenge

It’s been a privilege for us to meet and work with such fabulous people who have become valued friends. We hope to share their drawings and as they send us their images we’ll open a new page and have a gallery of their work. We might even persuade them to send an early and a later drawing to show how they’ve progressed.

The morning group at the Mirador. Mirador-Drawing-Group





The afternoon group at O21.

Drawing at 021

Drawing at 021







Six views of a long pose; graphite and conté. Note how each person has their own style and to preserve this individuality is most important.

Six Views

Six Views





A sketch study – few lines and yet character is so well captured.

Judy's Study

3 responses to “Drawing Group Work

  1. Wonderful! I can’t think of anyone better suited to teach such a class! I think I’ll sign up myself– er, there’s free coffee and donuts at each class, right?? And I admire your emphasis on preserving a person’s individual style… : )

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