Cascais, Portugal – visit if you can

On Portugal’s western Atlantic coast, near the Tagus river estuary, is the town of Cascais. From ancient and humble beginnings as a fishing village, in the late 19th century it became the cool hang-out for European royalty after Portugal’s King Luis  turned the citadel into his summer residence. The town’s popularity with the rich and noble continued on through the next century, thereby blessing it with an architectural heritage of magnificent mansions.

From our place at anchor in the bay we spied, through the binoculars, a large poster advertising a Goya exhibition. And lucky that was too, as a walk around the town and a visit to tourist information gave no clue that such an exhibition was on locally. Unless one had actually walked up to the Cultural Centre hosting the exhibition (and on whose wall the poster was affixed) which is situated on a rise outside of the central town area, one would never have known about the exhibition. That’s probably why we had the place to ourselves and we were able to enjoy a’ private viewing’ of Francisco de Goya’s lithos and etchings including his famous Disasters of War. Congratulations to the Cascais Cultural Centre for hosting and presenting such an excellent exhibition (with free entry) but if you want to draw people away from the beaches, the pavement eateries and the tourist shopping you need some promotion!

Here’s a sketch of Cascais from a boater’s point of view:

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

7 responses to “Cascais, Portugal – visit if you can

  1. Lynne Goodman

    We so loved your description and the simply wonderful pic.

  2. There are usually very good exhibitions there, but in fact only a few people come to know about them…
    Are you still here? 🙂 Let’s meet!

    • It would have been great to meet up but we were there so briefly. What an inspiring place to live and we were sorry to miss the ‘gold on the ground’. We’ll be back if we can and will email you in advance.

  3. I’ll bet if there were a Studio Blue Sea exhibition, nobody would go to the Goya exhibition. It was kind of you to give him an open field… : )

    Lovely sketch!

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