In the music video for CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND we used a marbled paper as the background to the title in the opening sequence. Mr Photoshop kindly re-hued and de-saturated the dark tones, manipulating them to match the lighter colour of the part of the painting that the title fades into.

Below is the marbled paper we used. We think it looks like a night sky at sea … the stars startling in their brightness against the black firmament before the moon rises to add her glory. These things are the jewels of our fortune.

marbled paper night sky



7 responses to “MARBLED PAPER – NIGHT SKY

  1. Amazing. It’s like a little work of art itself. Just goes to show that when you hang around Studio Blue Sea, even the humblest parchment picks up a certain artistic flair… : )

  2. Well said Mark Armstrong! Love that work and so aptly named. The creativity which comes off that boat is truly inspiring!!! Well done! xXx

  3. What a beautiful paper! Looking at it takes us to the sight of the Milky Way and of moonlight trembling reflections on the sea…

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