HorseHappy Chinese New Year to you and welcome to the year of the Horse.

In the Chinese calendar each year is named after an animal with twelve animals in sequence and the New Year begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice. In 2014, it’s today, 31st January. The 12-year animal cycle interacts with the 10-year cycle of Yin-Yang Five Elements: wood, metal, fire, water and earth. 2012 and 2013 were ‘water’ years with their more laid-back energy but 2014 is a ‘wood’ year. In the Chinese horoscope Horse is a fire sign, fire burns wood fiercely: we may expect exciting days ahead. Wood has a further connection to the colour green and that is why 2014 is a Year of Green Wood Horse.

A Horse year is considered a year of fortune and good luck, of strong energy and fast pace, a year for leaders to emerge, romance to bloom, fortune to be favoured, a year for vitality, passion, determination and true spirit.

So forget that you’ve forgotten your western New Year resolutions. Leap into this new saddle and take off at a gallop and if you think you can’t ride, well, just hang on anyway.


4 responses to “YEAR OF GREEN WOOD HORSE

  1. Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you are healthy, wealthy, lucky through out the whole year! 🙂
    Beautiful drawing by the way!

  2. That wonderfully vibrant drawing made me shake my mane, rear up, snort, and paw the ground with enthusiasm– and I don’t do that sorta thing for just anybody, ya know!! Let’s get together for some Chinese food one of these days!! : )

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