Hello, we’re back on the blog!

Studio 1Does this look like a boat to you? It could be a huge houseboat but it’s not! You’re right … it’s certainly not a structure on the water. What it is, in fact, is … if I was an LBC presenter I’d be saying that I’ll tell you after the news. Well, this is the news and the news is that we have our very own, gigantic (to us, anyway) studio! Yes, folks, Miles and Pippa go out to work every day. Now, instead of having to clear up the mess in the evening so we can cook and eat and have somewhere to sleep we just close and lock that door and go home to our boat where we cook and eat and have our warm and cosy bunk to sleep in. And the next day the mess is exactly where we left it so it’s easy to pick up the paintbrush and continue on with the work.

Shop 1The good news doesn’t stop there either because attached to the studio is a small office. We’ve turned this into a shop and are selling our work directly.  The photo of our shop shows a view through the door of the upstairs room of a lovely little coffee shop and that’s how you would find us when you come looking. We’re in the 17th century village of Alverstoke in Hampshire, UK, a charming hamlet with touches of ruination by one council or another. Our  neighbour, Darcey, allows us to open our shop door into her tea room which is very fortuitous as she has the most scrumptious eats in the south of England, in our opinion, anyway!

Come and visit; you’ll find Studio Blues Sea upstairs at Darcey’s, 47 Village Road, Alverstoke, PO12 2LD, UK. And as Darcey needs to be open when you come round her hours are 09h00 to 17h00 Tuesday to Saturday.



10 responses to “Hello, we’re back on the blog!

  1. Good news indeed, such lovely studio and office-shop! I was wondering what might have happened to you, it’s great to see you here again!

  2. It looks delightful! So exciting!

  3. Thank you Pippa, so exciting!

  4. Hi Pippa and Miles, lovely to see you back on line, we are all ok, the drawing group has been going well. Mick has come on leaps and bounds with his drawing you would be really pleased if you saw the improvements. We often mention you both and everyone who used to come to your lessons all say the same thing, we wish you were coming back.
    Miss you loads, I love the fact you came into my life all be it for such a short time.
    Love from Angela and Chris. Xx

  5. Hi Miles and Pippa. good to see you about again, we have recently left LaManga and are back in the UK but uptnorth, once we are settled we will try to come and see you, fond memories and always grateful for sharing your talent with us.
    Love Judy and Keith x

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