Our New Studio

We have indeed been off the radar for a long time … life-changing events do that, don’t they? And we certainly have a changed life after the sale of our boat a year ago. But life moves on and earlier this year we bought a house with a run-down outbuilding … aah, that was the carrot for this particular property: we reckoned on a couple of weekends of spicking and spanning and we’d have a great studio to work in! Do you see the potential like we did?

Studio March 17

March 2017

Those couple of weekends turned into 8 months of daily action; at last the outbuilding is looking like a studio. Just a few more weeks of interior work and we’ll be arranging the easels. And the solid fuel fire works a treat!


Studio Nov 17

November 2017

Mixing muck, laying bricks, replacing roofs doesn’t leave time for much else so we haven’t yet updated our website or blog to reflect our new status as landlubbers … ignore all things salty: we’ve well and truly swallowed the anchor!


5 responses to “Our New Studio

  1. So pleased to have news from you both and the studio looks fabulous, I hope we get a chance to see it for real some time next year.
    I guess you will bith be spending a lot of time in the studio working. Are you going to do lessons ?
    Sadly Bonnie died three weeks ago we are both heartbroken as you can imagine she
    had been with us for 14 years 😢
    All ok here in La Manga miss you guys xx
    Angie and Chris x

    • So sorry about Bonnie, such a loss..
      Come and stay next summer … we can play in the studio and find a tennis court for Chris. Best regards to all our La Manga friends, love to you both..

  2. The studio is looking very pretty – well done and wishing you well with it xxxx

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