We’re in …

… our new studio and really enjoying the warm, light space. Fancy having a look at what we’ve been up to?

This is inside one side of the outbuilding in February 2017 when we viewed the house as prospective buyers. A sort of garage and utility room separated by a wall.


And here it is now –

studio2 feb 18


It’s amazing how a new space can encourage new creativity – some very different work is evolving and we’re really excited! We’ll post when there’s finished work to see …

Best to you all in the meantime.


4 responses to “We’re in …

  1. Looks great and as you say I am sure you are both inspired to work. I hope we can get together this year for a drink. Will keep in touch. Xxx

  2. Inspired and beautiful!!– but where did ya park the boat?? ⛵️😊

  3. Swopped for some dosh … parking tickets for the new owner! Hey, no more wobbly lines ‘cos the studio stays still … who’d a thought? ✍️ 😁

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