Hello, we’re Miles and Pippa. We’re homebodies who loved to travel so we took our home with us – our lovely, live-aboard, blue-water ketch. We were sailing artists, or artists sailing, and we sketched, painted and recorded our travels, our impressions and our ideas for 18 years as live aboards. We visited Africa, South America, the West Indies, the Azores and Europe, crossed the mighty Atlantic twice and sailed the fickle Mediterranean. In December 2017 we sold our boat and bought an old house in St. Asaph, North Wales. We’ve opened a little gallery in our front room to showcase our work; we also carry unique items from a select few creative makers. Our studio is up and running and new work will be ready for viewing soon.

Our gallery is called Myrtle House Gift Gallery www.myrtlehousegiftgallery.co.uk and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook

http://www.studiobluesea.com      info@studiobluesea.com


Studio Feb 18

Our Studio


29 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for ‘liking’ a couple of m y posts! I’ve enjoyed looking at your work and reading about your idyllic-sounding lifestyle. I’m also trained as a bookbinder; my teacher always said you can bind books in a closet if you have to. I guess you prove the point!

  2. Thank you for liking my post: http://mikanqueen.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/desert-island-discs/
    You are lucky to be based in a wonderful part of the world! 🙂

  3. Thank you for liking my blog…again!
    All the best for 2012

  4. greetings from Tanzania and thanks for visiting my blog darsketches
    love your work and lifestyle
    i am also a sailor and dream of cruising one day
    many thanks for the inspirations

    • You’re doing something very valuable in recording by hand the charming/historic sites of Dar es Salaam. We’ve seen similar destruction in many places. Good luck with the project. We’ll enjoy watching its progress.

  5. I like your work, both the drawings and the bookbinding. You are kind of living the dream I once had. I am happy to see that it can be done. Best wishes.

  6. Thanks for your like on my short “romance of sailing” blog! You two are living my dream… I own a 1972 Allied Seabreeze 35 that I’ve had to move from the Cheasapeake to Lake Texoma, TX because of my job change. In a few years when I can, I plan to launch her in the Carribean and let the adventure begin! Your Art and Music is fantastic… TY for sharing!

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Todd. It would be great to see you join the cruising community and, who knows, we may meet up on a beach somewhere. Just looked online at pictures of the Allied Seabreeze – good-looking boat and sounds perfect for adventuring!

  7. Howdy –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did, I believe I’m going to enjoy yours also…….

  8. Thank you for liking my blog – it’s a bit of a mystery how anyone finds anything in this great big box of magic!

  9. Thanks for the like!! Love your work & your story; it sounds like the ideal artistic adventure 🙂 Look forward to seeing more!

  10. Thanks for liking our post! The boat is in Seward Alaska and all of our dreams are out in front of it. Maybe our paths will cross some day on the great big blue.
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  11. Hi! It’s been very nice to find and know a little about you. But I have to say that from my humble point of view, you deserve a much better logo for your heading. If you’re interested I can collaborate in a ‘restyling’… but please don’t feel offended, I really like the images you’ve shared!

    • Hello, Merge. Thanks for visiting.
      Funnily enough we’re working on a new header and will consider your kind offer. And life is far too short to go through it being offended 🙂

  12. Thank you for dropping by Creative Harmonies. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece on Books & Bindings. I’ve visited your site as well and just love the marbled papers you use in the books you create Pippa. They’re beautiful. And the drawings you’ve done Miles are rich with meaning. Your life studies are so beautiful and delicate with visual texture and detail. And may I say you two are such lucky-puppies to be living on that beautiful boat in the Med.

  13. Thanks for visiting ‘Tao of Scrumble’, and introducing us to your great blog. The Blogosphere is a great place to meet other creative people – if you ever come ashore on the Isle of Wight, give us a shout and maybe we can get together! 🙂

    • We love the Isle of Wight and have gunkholed from the Yar to Wootton Creek and all between. When we come back we’ll take you up on a get together – another Leo who drinks Rooibos and makes things? Yes please! And 2 bike-mad blokes? Though a Triumph fan here!

  14. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I hope you’re enjoying your trip, your boat is just beautiful, and if you ever sail by Lisbon – Cascais, I’d love to meet you! 🙂

  15. Thanks for your visit to my blog! I wanted to drop by and invite you to join in Project O which is a look into how opinions are formed around the world. If this interests you and if you have a social issue you might want to share with people, please consider joining! The post can be found at the top of my blog under Project O – The Original Project Idea and the template is the post next to it. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog! -OM

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