Our sketchbooks are like photo albums, reminding us of the fabulous places we’ve been to.

Please remember that copyright is reserved on all images. Do not use/download without permission.

22 responses to “SKETCHBOOK

  1. really nice work. thanks for visiting my website. Nothing better than sitting somewhere and sketching.

  2. I love sketchbooks, sometimes even more than a painting. Maybe because in very little time you have to capture the essence of your image… Very nice sketchbook.

  3. Much better than photo albums. This way, you reinforce the memory of what you saw.

  4. everythingbehindeverythingahead

    Beautiful gallery!!

  5. Absolutely brilliant work– uniformly lovely. Your command of line and color is fantastic. Every image is a winner, I’m tremendously impressed!!

  6. Love your galery, beautiful work.

  7. Adelino Alvarez

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your sketchbook is great. Your personal style shows in all your drawings (I apologize for my awful English. I’m trying to improve).

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Adelino. Your English is excellent – we would not have known it was a second language for you if we didn’t already know that you’re Spanish (from our visit to your blog where we enjoyed your great film-star portraits.)

  8. I think sketching may be the best way to really see, and remember. Wonderful sketchbook, full of atmosphere.

  9. Thankyou so much for liking my blog! I love your work, this sketchbook stuff is just up my street. I love mark making and sketching quickly. Bev

  10. Beautiful work, studiobluesea. I’m envious of how well-travelled you are, a goal I am still struggling to achieve. Without a doubt, sketchbooks are the perfect way to document one’s travels and you’ve done an exceptional job documenting yours, Bravo! (p.s. Thanks for checking out my blog: transitlines). Buz163

  11. Susan Horsman

    Following your work now I am back in UK miss my sketching classes and the Mar Menor. Susan

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