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We’re in …

… our new studio and really enjoying the warm, light space. Fancy having a look at what we’ve been up to?

This is inside one side of the outbuilding in February 2017 when we viewed the house as prospective buyers. A sort of garage and utility room separated by a wall.


And here it is now –

studio2 feb 18


It’s amazing how a new space can encourage new creativity – some very different work is evolving and we’re really excited! We’ll post when there’s finished work to see …

Best to you all in the meantime.


Our New Studio

We have indeed been off the radar for a long time … life-changing events do that, don’t they? And we certainly have a changed life after the sale of our boat a year ago. But life moves on and earlier this year we bought a house with a run-down outbuilding … aah, that was the carrot for this particular property: we reckoned on a couple of weekends of spicking and spanning and we’d have a great studio to work in! Do you see the potential like we did?

Studio March 17

March 2017

Those couple of weekends turned into 8 months of daily action; at last the outbuilding is looking like a studio. Just a few more weeks of interior work and we’ll be arranging the easels. And the solid fuel fire works a treat!


Studio Nov 17

November 2017

Mixing muck, laying bricks, replacing roofs doesn’t leave time for much else so we haven’t yet updated our website or blog to reflect our new status as landlubbers … ignore all things salty: we’ve well and truly swallowed the anchor!

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND Part 2 – hand studies

There’s a magnetic attraction that water has to golf balls – you play a lovely round, driving the ball down every fairway … until you get to the hole with the water. That ball is magnetised and dunks itself in the drink every time! It’s the same with drawing the human figure: you make a good study until you get to a hand and spoil things by managing little more than a poorly executed dead toad! And like the golf, it’s all in the mind!

There are enough tutorials in books and on line to learn the technical details of hand/finger structure but to see how technical skill is transformed into divine beauty you need go no further than the Old Masters.

The following images are the hand studies for CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND:

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 3.jpg

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 2.jpg

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 1.jpg

Drawing …

CACTUS - graphite

… a cactus body that we brought along to the drawing group last week. The day was mostly overcast so no strong shadows to help create form. Concave trunk, rounded branches, variations in textures and a low tonal range made this a complicated subject.





A small bit of our lives …


Welcome to this teeny bit of cyberspace we call our own. After years of boat travel we’re now completely aground and loving our new life in St. Asaph, North Wales (that’s part of the UK)!

InkedMyrtle House old pic_LI

If you peek through the downstairs window you’ll see this:


Myrtle House Gift Gallery where we show our work as well as lovely things from other UK makers!