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Miles teaching in South Africa

Wishing you all a joyful and abundant 2016!

Our January classes are now scheduled and we look forward to welcoming new friends to our studio in Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK.  Booking is essential as places are limited. Please email info@studiobluesea.com, call/text Pippa 07402 332676 or stop by the gallery upstairs at Darcey’s, 47 Village Road, Alverstoke, PO12 2LD. Please join our mailing list by emailing us, leaping aboard here or following us on Twitter @StudioBlueSea


TUESDAY DRAWING GROUP – every Tuesday starting 12th January

Morning Group – 10h30 to 12h30 – £12

Afternoon Group – 14h00 to 16h00 – £12

A fun and friendly class for all skill levels; beginners welcome. Please bring a drawing book and 2B pencil and other media you may wish to use. A2 paper and black Conte crayons are available in the studio.

STRUCTURED WATERCOLOUR – alternate Saturdays starting 23rd January

10h00 – 12h00, Saturday, 23rd January – £12
(And then 6th and 20th February etc.)

For beginners or anyone wishing to increase their skills. An email will be sent to you with a sketch of the subject. You will use this to prepare your watercolour paper ready for the class. Every class will have a new theme and you’ll learn how to paint water, fire, nature etc.

WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP – last Saturday of the month

10h00 – 14h30, Saturday, 30th January – £50

A class for more experienced painters who wish to work on or complete their own work with the help of a tutor. This is a 4-hour workshop with a break for lunch. Numbers are limited so please book early.

LIFE DRAWING CLASS – starting soon


Life Drawing











Drawing group – South Africa

An enthusiastic group gathered in Michele’s Pilates studio for our drawing workshop in February. The perfect space has long-ranging views across the valley and scents of rosemary and lavender waft in through the line of picture windows. The room crackled with creative energy and here is some of the work produced that day:



























We have uploaded drawings to the STUDENT’S WORK page.

We are very proud to be able to update that page with some portraits by Mick from our Spanish group. Here’s a preview:



New Page – Student’s Work

We’re very proud to add a new page with a gallery of work by our drawing and watercolour students, some of whom had never drawn or painted before.  The Scandinavian Watercolour Group painted fire in one session and there are 3 ‘fire’ paintings on the new page but as we don’t know who did which we cannot give individual credit. Here’s one ‘fire’ work; click on the tab above labelled ‘Student’s Work’ to see more. We’ll add new images when people send us their files.


Drawing Group Work

We’ve spent our second winter in Spain with the drawing groups and it’s thrilling to see their skills sharpen each week … and to increase our own skills as clothed model and drawing guide! Over the years we’ve developed a pattern in our 2 hour classes that we’ve found brings on the quickest results –

15 minutes speed drawing of 30-second poses

a 30 – 45 minute long pose (or 2 shorter 20 minute poses)

an interesting still life that sometimes generates groans at the challenge

It’s been a privilege for us to meet and work with such fabulous people who have become valued friends. We hope to share their drawings and as they send us their images we’ll open a new page and have a gallery of their work. We might even persuade them to send an early and a later drawing to show how they’ve progressed.

The morning group at the Mirador. Mirador-Drawing-Group





The afternoon group at O21.

Drawing at 021

Drawing at 021







Six views of a long pose; graphite and conté. Note how each person has their own style and to preserve this individuality is most important.

Six Views

Six Views





A sketch study – few lines and yet character is so well captured.

Judy's Study



We always start our drawing groups with 15 minutes of speed drawing where we have 30 seconds to draw the model in each of a series of poses. This exercise serves to warm us up and also to kick in the right side of the brain … the creative and visual side.

Speed drawing is a valuable exercise as it teaches us to judge proportion accurately and to instantly pick out leading lines and the important elements of a subject. Commuting on public transport is a perfect opportunity to brush up on our skills. Go to the EXERCISES page for more commuters.

Drawing …

CACTUS - graphite

… a cactus body that we brought along to the drawing group last week. The day was mostly overcast so no strong shadows to help create form. Concave trunk, rounded branches, variations in textures and a low tonal range made this a complicated subject.