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CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND Part 3 – the Sovereign’s Sceptre

At English coronation ceremonies symbolic objects are an important part of the ritual and each has a specific meaning. The Sovereign’s Sceptre with cross represents the monarch’s worldly power with the association of good governance. The sceptre is a gold rod surmounted by an enamelled and gem-studded structure, part of which holds the Star of Africa, the largest colourless cut diamond in the world, cleaved from the great 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond which the government of the Transvaal (South Africa) presented to King Edward VII in 1907 as a gesture of reconciliation after the Boer War … a sort of king-size suck up?

The following image is the sceptre study (which does not include the Star of Africa) for CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND.

Sovereign's Sceptre

Sovereign’s Sceptre


CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND Part 2 – hand studies

There’s a magnetic attraction that water has to golf balls – you play a lovely round, driving the ball down every fairway … until you get to the hole with the water. That ball is magnetised and dunks itself in the drink every time! It’s the same with drawing the human figure: you make a good study until you get to a hand and spoil things by managing little more than a poorly executed dead toad! And like the golf, it’s all in the mind!

There are enough tutorials in books and on line to learn the technical details of hand/finger structure but to see how technical skill is transformed into divine beauty you need go no further than the Old Masters.

The following images are the hand studies for CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND:

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 3.jpg

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 2.jpg

CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND hand graphite study 1.jpg



The tonal study for the central figure in a watercolour called GOLDEN AGE was the start for this cartoon. It was something that developed over a few days and here’s the result – just a bit of fun!


Graphite  45 x 60cm

Drawing …

CACTUS - graphite

… a cactus body that we brought along to the drawing group last week. The day was mostly overcast so no strong shadows to help create form. Concave trunk, rounded branches, variations in textures and a low tonal range made this a complicated subject.