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CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND Part 5 – Japanese characters

We have a box set of brushes for Japanese ink painting – let’s be more precise – in a small rectangular box covered in printed silk, 8 different brush heads nestle in shaped indentations of red velvet and 2 bamboo handles are clasped to the inside lid against their own white silk background. Hard to resist a foray into Japanese ink painting with such beckoning but we resist the urge and use the set for our Western style of painting. The brushes were perfect for painting the Japanese characters in CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND.

This is the image of the study for those characters followed by an explanation of their meaning:

Divine Wind

These Japanese characters form the word ‘kamikaze’: ‘kami’ means ‘spirit’ or ‘god’ and ‘kaze’ means ‘wind’ and so the usual translation is ‘divine wind’. The use of the combination of these words goes back to the 13th century when the term was given to major typhoons that dispersed invading fleets and saved Japan from enemy occupation.

This is the penultimate post of this series. We have shown the main elements of the painting now and in our next post (aiming for next Sunday) we will reveal how these elements fit together in the finished work, CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND.