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New Year Notebooks

NotebooksThese marbled-cover, Coptic-bound notebooks were snapped up by buyers at a Christmas market last month. Let’s hope they help their new owners to keep their New Year resolutions, never forget what to buy at the shops, remember dreams, and give joy each time they are handled.



In the music video for CANDLE IN THE DIVINE WIND we used a marbled paper as the background to the title in the opening sequence. Mr Photoshop kindly re-hued and de-saturated the dark tones, manipulating them to match the lighter colour of the part of the painting that the title fades into.

Below is the marbled paper we used. We think it looks like a night sky at sea … the stars startling in their brightness against the black firmament before the moon rises to add her glory. These things are the jewels of our fortune.

marbled paper night sky



Just finished and ready for the shop, these books have marbled covers, endpapers and fly leaves, good quality 110gsm laid paper  pages and are bound in German long stitch. Check out the sea in the background of these pics .. nature marbling!

Marbling examples



A stone pattern using black acrylic paint is transferred to white paper (top half) and lime green paper (bottom half).

Next is a random swirl of bright colours to produce an abstract pattern.

Marbling …

… is not just for paper or fabric. Once you get the hang of the techniques you can marble just about anything … even a pair of shoes.

Three Coptic-bound books

These small books have black paper pages for all of us who love to write/draw/doodle with coloured pencils, gold or silver pens, sparkly gel pens, glittery glue or any of the other amazing creative media available in the 99c store. They are bound in Coptic stitch and have marbled covers, end papers and fly leaves.

New book added to BOOKS page

Bright and bold, this book will always be findable! It is 200 x 150mm, a good size for a sketchbook and with the usual top quality laid paper pages. This paper has a smooth side and a slightly textured side so is perfect for different drawing media. It’s great for writing on too, especially with a quality fountain pen. (Is there anyone besides me who still uses one?)