sbs-moonlight Welcome to our online studio where we record some of our creative work – paintings and drawings, marbled papers and hand-made books.

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We’re sailing at present and cannot rely on an Internet connection; we’ll reply as soon as we can.

New Year Notebooks

NotebooksThese marbled-cover, Coptic-bound notebooks were snapped up by buyers at a Christmas market last month. Let’s hope they help their new owners to keep their New Year resolutions, never forget what to buy at the shops, remember dreams, and give joy each time they are handled.




DovecotWe saw this rather attractive but vacant dovecot and wondered whether Health’nSafety had put a demolition order on the old place as it did have a roof shingle missing. We imagined the Dove family carted off to some bleak high-rise with dank, urine-scented stairwells while the local council allocates this bit of Greenbelt land for a large housing estate in order to meet latest government targets.

Our fanciful musings segued into memories of bird meetings at sea. Our first close encounter was with a booby  that took refuge on the mizzen boom as we sailed in the south Atlantic towards Brazil. Our cat crouched immobile below the spar, his tail lashing. After an hour he came below for his dinner and as the moonless night drew in he curled up on our bunk and we thought he’d lost interest. At midnight unearthly shrieks and squawks had us fumbling for the spotlight to find the cat trying to push the large bird through the small cockpit porthole to the cabin below. We rescued the unfortunate creature, checked that it was quite unhurt and encouraged it to fly off into the night. It declined and returned to the boom and no amount of shooing would remove it from its perch. We closed the cat below and resumed our watch keeping. That darn bird stayed with us for 3 days, returning from its fishing forays to the boom to preen and scratch and drop foul deposits on the deck below until the sun sank and it settled its head under its wing to slumber. The cat watched it obsessively, distracted occasionally by flying fish on the deck and we monitored him closely and closed him below at night. We well understood how this stupid bird had got its name!

To be continued …

Drawing group – South Africa

An enthusiastic group gathered in Michele’s Pilates studio for our drawing workshop in February. The perfect space has long-ranging views across the valley and scents of rosemary and lavender waft in through the line of picture windows. The room crackled with creative energy and here is some of the work produced that day:



























We have uploaded drawings to the STUDENT’S WORK page.

We are very proud to be able to update that page with some portraits by Mick from our Spanish group. Here’s a preview:



Water, water everywhere!

Overflow ©If there is anything positive to the flooded English countryside it is the interesting flows of water that can be so appealing to the artist’s eye. In this sketch, an overflow under a fence looks like a benign stream rather than the destructive channel that is washing away the soil around the tree roots. Reflected in its rushing momentum, the dark and lowering clouds are ready to release a further deluge on the soaking earth.


HorseHappy Chinese New Year to you and welcome to the year of the Horse.

In the Chinese calendar each year is named after an animal with twelve animals in sequence and the New Year begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice. In 2014, it’s today, 31st January. The 12-year animal cycle interacts with the 10-year cycle of Yin-Yang Five Elements: wood, metal, fire, water and earth. 2012 and 2013 were ‘water’ years with their more laid-back energy but 2014 is a ‘wood’ year. In the Chinese horoscope Horse is a fire sign, fire burns wood fiercely: we may expect exciting days ahead. Wood has a further connection to the colour green and that is why 2014 is a Year of Green Wood Horse.

A Horse year is considered a year of fortune and good luck, of strong energy and fast pace, a year for leaders to emerge, romance to bloom, fortune to be favoured, a year for vitality, passion, determination and true spirit.

So forget that you’ve forgotten your western New Year resolutions. Leap into this new saddle and take off at a gallop and if you think you can’t ride, well, just hang on anyway.


As our shore-side neighbours slosh around in their flooded homes we ride the high tides, dry and warm. Rain lashes the decks, we heel to savage gusts of wind and feel grateful to be moored safely in the river. Portugal’s west coast is ravaged by giant waves, as is the UK, and 7 boats are damaged in a storm off Cape Town.  To restore our balance after such weather-related drama here’s a sketch of the river at low tide on a still day. And happy new year to you all!

Low Tide